Camp+ Associates

Camp + Associates is a consulting firm for the wireless telecommunications industry, with headquarters in the Pacific Northwest.
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George J. Vitale, NCARB AIA

Vice President of Architecture

George brings extensive experience, expertise, and leadership to the Camp + Associates design team. His primary focus is to ensure that Camp + Associates continues to provide the best product and best service on time and on budget to every Client.

George grew up in a construction family and, beginning at age 14, spent a significant amount of time in his teens and twenties working on construction sites as a laborer, machine operator, mason’s assistant, and carpenter’s assistant. He has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami and is an NCARB certified, registered Architect with comprehensive experience in office and department management, as well as all phases of project management (from programming, planning, and design through production, bidding, and construction administration) of numerous commercial, industrial, institutional, & residential projects (including fueling stations and car washes, grocery stores and convenience stores, restaurants, retail shops, office buildings, storage buildings and warehouses, telecommunications facilities, churches, schools, adult congregate living facilities, and single and multi-family residences).